Customer Success Story

A large multinational engineering and architectural design organization of 2,500 users had recently acquired a number of smaller firms, each with its own accounting and financial system. Reporting was ad hoc and inconsistent, and consolidating company-wide financial statements was labor intensive and time consuming. Time entry and invoicing was manual and required multiple steps.


In a five month window, AX Global was able to move the professional services organization onto a single instance of Dynamics AX across multiple countries and currencies. Today all 2,500 users manage their effort via web entry and workflow, with the result of timely financial reporting.




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At AX Global, we help customers realize the full potential of ERP software and integrated systems. As with any successful company, our people make the difference. With more than 100 years of combined Dynamics AX experience, we specialize in Information Technology consulting and deploying ERP solutions for professional services organizations.



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